Complete Morton Project #42 – King Porter Stomp / Anamule Dance

We’ve got two great tunes today, kicking off with Morton’s most famous piece “King Porter Stomp” which he wrote in hommage to another pianist, Porter King.  It became a swing era classic when it was adapted by Benny Goodman for a hit record with his big band.  The 3rd strain chord progression with its climactic […]

Complete Morton #33 – Black Bottom Stomp / I’m Looking For A Little Bluebird

This week we kick it off with one of Morton’s iconic tunes, “Black Bottom Stomp.”  The original is among his very best band recordings from the classic 1926 Red Hot Peppers sides, and was quite a challenge to reduce to the duo format, but here’s our best effort!  It’s a multi strain tune with some […]

Complete Morton #32 – Winin’ Boy Blues / Burnin’ The Iceberg

Today’s first selection in the Morton project is the immortal “Winin’ Boy Blues,” one of Morton’s most famous tunes.  It’s named after his youthful nickname “Windin’ Ball” which was evidently a reference to his prowess in bed…no comment!  Anyhow, it’s a great bluesy tune and has VERY dirty lyrics which we have not included.  It […]