Complete Morton #28 – Fussy Mabel / If Someone Would Only Love Me

In week 23 of the Complete Morton Project we featured one of Jelly’s tunes dedicated to his off and on partner Anita Gonzalez, and for contrast this week here’s one he wrote for his wife Mabel, who he was married to during his New York years.  It’s a peppy tune with some nice sections, actually a few more parts than usual for this particular era of Morton’s late 20s band records.

Secondly this week, another of the 1930 band tunes, “If Someone Would Only Love Me.”  It’s a nice poppy tune with a recurring descending progression throughout.  Perhaps not one of his finest from a compositional perspective, but a very pleasent and relaxed tune.

Thanks as always for checking us out, we’re getting into the 2nd half of the year now, plenty more to come!!

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