The Complete Morton Project

The Dime Notes (Lejazzetal, 2019)

“Have you seen those two guys on YouTube? They’re fantastic!” The word got round last year about pianist Andrew Oliver and clarinettist David Horniblow, who had set themselves the apparently lunatic task of learning all the 94 compositions of Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton and recording and posting videos of the whole lot by the end of 2018.  I thought I knew Morton, the first jazz composer, pretty well, but some of what these two had played was quite new to me. More important, their approach, although perfectly authentic in style, had a freshness and immediacy that was all their own. These 15 numbers, rerecorded in a proper studio, with a concert piano, make an impressive selection from a fascinating life’s work.  These spirited and accomplished performances bring his music vividly to life. – The Observer

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The Dime Notes

The Dime Notes (Lejazzetal, 2016)

“One thing we tend to forget, squabbling over discographies, is how sexy this brand of early jazz can be.  It’s easy to assume that Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet et al can’t speak to a younger generation, but the pianist Andrew Oliver’s quartet lays that notion to rest.  David Horniblow’s clarinet and Tom Wheatley’s double bass dig in deep on numbers imbued with the habanera – or what Morton called “the Spanish tinge”. ” – The Sunday Times

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The Vitality Five

Syncopation Gone Mad (2018)

We’re excited to present our second album, “Syncopation Gone Mad,” featuring 17 rarely performed gems from the vast repertoire of 1920s jazz in all its diverse styles. When we first formed the Vitality Five in 2015, one of our main aims was to focus on performing a wide variety of compositions and styles beyond the common traditional jazz repertoire, and the versatility and commitment of the band members provides an ideal workshop for shedding some light on the amazing dusty corners of early stomps, blueses, and rags.

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Old Hat Jazz Band

The Sparrow (Independent, 2016)

Old Hat are delighted to present to you The Sparrow: our interpretation of Early Jazz. Each member has written a tune or more on this album, born of immersion in the roots of jazz for four years and being tuned into this band, its sound and journey.

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The Kora Band

New Cities (Whirlwind Records, 2015)

“The Kora Band doesn’t really sound like any other group. This is an amazing feat, in a century supersaturated with music of every hue, and a convincing testament to the innovative sound of a jazz band successfully incorporating non-Western traditional instruments.” – ****, All About Jazz

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Cascades (OA2 Records, 2011)

“World jazz” projects frequently come off as gimmicky. Not so with the Kora Band, a group of Portland and Seattle musicians […] who successfully incorporate West African rhythms and textures into their otherwise mainstream jazz sound.  “Cascades” proceeds in a manner that’s unhurried and consistently inviting. – Jazziz

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The Ocular Concern

Sister Cities (PJCE Records, 2014)

“[…] the category-defying chamber quintet constructs and deconstructs intriguing pyramids of texture, counterpoint and harmony. It’s a worlds-within-worlds canvas. If M.C. Escher had led a band, this would be the sound of it. The group weaves in jazz, neo-classical, African dance, tango, pop, twang, blasts of crunch-rock and subtle odd-metered funk.  Minimalism is a strong influence in the music’s pointed rhythmic layers, but the band delivers it all with a fluidity and warmth that minimalism often lacks. […] the Ocular Concern’s music ultimately charms with a melodic and almost innocent sense of wonder.” – Downbeat (****)

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Tunnel Six

journeys, places, stories (Independent, 2016)

This album takes a different path from our previous releases, showcasing the musical movements that are evident within each of Tunnel Six’s disparate members, while never losing sight of common threads that weave our stories together. The music explores vast landscapes, the peaceful complexity of nature, and the way it’s filtered through the human experience in music. Journeys, Spaces, Stories isn’t simply a collection of songs, but rather an expression of group interplay and band dynamics that have been honed on the road over the last seven years.

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Alive (Independent, 2013)

“One of their greatest attributes is the ability to make a sextet sound like a miniature orchestra. […] Dynamics and imaginative mixing of timbre and rhythmic textures play a major role in making this recording diverse and fun for repeated listening.” – Tim Willcox, Jazz Society of Oregon Jazzscene

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Lake Superior (OA2 Records, 2011)

“Melodies that dare to be epic, jazz compositions that stretch out to the fringes of the genre, and a cohesion and selflessness that would indicate a collaborative period measured in years, not months.” – eMusic

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Bridgetown Sextet

Stomp, Defined (2015)

“The Bridgetown Sextet’s new album release “Stomp, Defined” is the quintessential representation for the vintage jazz and swing renaissance exploding across the globe. […] What sets The Bridgetown Sextet apart as arguably the most talented vintage hot jazz and swing ensemble in the Pacific Northwest is their ability to not only harness, but intensify the unbridled energy of their musical antecedents.” – Jon Taylor,

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The New Old-Fashioned (2011)

“[R]etro-gazing is always a dicey proposition, running the risk of being precious, irrelevant, or, usually, both. But the Bridgetown Sextet pulls off their time-travel whimsy by emphasizing musical chops rather than mutton chops. Their tunes are the work of fantastic players, boasting excellent stride piano from both Scott Kennedy and Andrew Oliver (who also each do double duty on drums), strict tempo from guitarist Doug Sammons and bassist Eric Gruber, and just the right shade of sassafras from John Moak on trombone and David Evans on clarinet and sax. Their new album, The New Old Fashioned, ably captures this combustible energy.” – The Portland Mercury

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Operation Northwoods

The Bureau of Fiction (PJCE Records, 2013)

Chamber-quartet of Portland and NYC musicians. “It always sounds like a singular expression of thought, of viewpoint, of creative vision.  That mutability lends itself perfectly to an environment where the complex requires a simple interface, where peacefulness and dissonance must coexist in harmony.  Balance. And it’s characteristics such as that is why The Bureau of Fiction is an unmitigated success.” – Dave Sumner, eMusic

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Andrew Oliver Sextet

82% Chance of Rain (OA2 Records, 2010)

“His high-energy second sextet release gets the precipitation percentage wrong, but just about everything else right. 82% Chance of Rain is an eclectic collection, but a year of honing these 10 tracks has allowed them to benefit from the variety of the composers’ well-integrated yet distinctive styles. […] A generous, diverse band that can appeal to fans of new jazz as well as older genres like fusion and post-bop.” – Brett Campbell, Willamette Week

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