Complete Morton #33 – Black Bottom Stomp / I’m Looking For A Little Bluebird

This week we kick it off with one of Morton’s iconic tunes, “Black Bottom Stomp.”  The original is among his very best band recordings from the classic 1926 Red Hot Peppers sides, and was quite a challenge to reduce to the duo format, but here’s our best effort!  It’s a multi strain tune with some great extra bars at the end of the form, and we’ve had a go at the original clarinet solos and piano solo for you as well:

Secondly a chilled out pop tune from the late 20s band again, “I’m Looking For A Little Bluebird.”  This one is pretty nice, a bit more interesting than some of them, and more reminiscent of the better of Morton’s poppy tunes, particularly “Sweet Peter.”  Enjoy!

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