Works by Jelly Roll Morton and other early 20th-century piano greats just fly in the hands of this 21st-century virtuoso. There’s definitely something about his combination of technical brilliance and go-for-broke dynamism that just grabs you. ” – The Sunday Times (UK)

“Andrew Oliver is almost punk-rock in his attitude about Traditional Jazz and bringing back its visceral nature.” – Matt Fleeger, KMHD Jazz Radio (USA)

“Phenomenally well played, with a freshness that dispels any suspicion of solemn archaism.” – Dave Gelley, Jazz Journal (UK)

“It’s easy to assume that Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet et al can’t speak to a younger generation, but the pianist Andrew Oliver lays that notion to rest.” – The Sunday Times (UK)

I’m a pianist from Portland, OR specializing in early jazz, stride piano, ragtime, and tango. After seven years in London, I’ve relocated back to Portland in June 2020. Stay tuned on the Performances page for some upcoming outdoor gigs as we slowly get things moving again!

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I’ve been working on a lot of recording projects during the past year, so head over to the Albums page to hear some new sounds from great musicians from around the world that we put together during the pandemic, plus my new solo album and the Dime Notes’ second album, both of which came out in 2020 as well.

Here are some recent videos, there are plenty more on the Video page as well!