Works by Jelly Roll Morton and other early 20th-century piano greats just fly in the hands of this 21st-century virtuoso. There’s definitely something about his combination of technical brilliance and go-for-broke dynamism that just grabs you. ”
– The Sunday Times (UK)

“Andrew Oliver is almost punk-rock in his attitude about Traditional Jazz and bringing back its visceral nature.”
– Matt Fleeger, KMHD Jazz Radio (USA)

No Local Stops CoverI’m a pianist from Portland, OR specializing in jazz, stride piano, and tango. My latest recording, “No Local Stops,” is a solo album on Rivermont Records exploring a wide variety of early jazz styles. 

During the pandemic, I was involved in a lot of great remote recording projects which are now available for download, including “House Bound Jazz,” a collaboration with a wide variety of traditional jazz specialists around the world, “Biguines Pour Vous,” a collection of vintage Caribbean tunes, and “Diplomacy in Swing,” a collection of tunes featuring my old friends Doug Sammons and Dee Settlemier from the Midnight Serenaders.

And of course, stay tuned on the Performances page for some upcoming gigs at last!