Stride / Swing / Ragtime

“Andrew Oliver is almost punk-rock in his attitude about Traditional Jazz and bringing back its visceral nature.” – Matt Fleeger, Director, KMHD Jazz Radio “It’s easy to assume that Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet et al can’t speak to a younger generation, but pianist Andrew Oliver lays that notion to rest.” – Sunday Times “Andrew Oliver is the quintessential […]

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I discovered the world of tango working with bandoneonist and dancer Alex Krebs in Portland, Oregon.  After studying with the late Octavio Brunetti and working with Alex for a few years on traditional styles, we composed an album of new original tangos for dancing, as well as an album of tango-rock-jazz fusion.  I have an ongoing duo project with […]

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Modern Jazz

Tunnel Six “One of [Tunnel Six’s] greatest attributes is the ability to make a sextet sound like a miniature orchestra.  Each player has their own sound, a feat in this day and age when there are literally thousands of clones out there.  All of the playing here is a breath of fresh air.” – JSO Jazzscene Magazine, June 2013 The […]

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