The Complete Morton Project

In 2018, Andrew Oliver and David Horniblow decided to tackle all of Jelly Roll Morton’s 95 known compositions, posting two per week to the Complete Morton Project YouTube channel.  This was a natural progression of their interest in the works of Morton, the first great jazz composer, whose tunes they had already been playing for several years in the Dime Notes and the Vitality Five.  As the year progressed, the amazing scope and diversity of Morton’s compositional prowess came into focus, particularly for the early years of jazz history when most other jazz composers were limited to a single type of composition.  Following a successful completion of the YouTube project and several performances at clubs and festivals in the UK, David and Andrew released the Complete Morton Project CD in 2019 on Lejazzetal, featuring 15 of the most interesting and underplayed of Jelly’s tunes.  Named one of the top 10 CDs of the year in the Times, the album has met with rave reviews from all the major UK papers and many media outlets around the world.

Andrew Oliver – piano | David Horniblow – clarinet, bass clarinet, bass sax, alto sax

brilliantly played and madly enjoyable. JAZZ JOURNAL UK
Compelling, soulful and huge fun. THE SUNDAY TIMES UK
A sensational new album … two extraordinary musicians. JAZZ WAX USA
They’re fantastic… spirited and accomplished perfomances. THE GUARDIAN UK
they venerate Morton but also play him, with wondrous results. JAZZ LIVES USA
Expertise, eloquance and good taste that is both rare and welcome. JAZZ DA GAMA CANADA
They amaze with the depth, nuance and rhythm they draw out of each of these titles. SYNCOPATED TIMES