Complete Morton #17 – Jungle Blues / Strokin’ Away

This week’s Complete Morton Project entries feature the first outing so far of the project with David on the mighty bass saxophone!  And we’re starting off with “Jungle Blues,” a unique tune in the Morton songbook as it only has one chord!  Twenty years before Miles Davis started recording one chord tunes, here we have an intriguing example of a blues based approach to a one chord tune.  This one is really hip and, in the same mld of many of Morton’s blues songs, has a series of subtly different variations culminating in a “breakdown” and a bit of a jam at the end.  Most of the variations end with the same repeated riff, in a really inspired compositional move.  Here we go:

Secondly this week we return to the seemingly endless quantity of late 1920s mid-tempo large-ish band tunes for the filthily titled “Strokin’ Away”.  This one is a bit of version of the “Tiger Rag” chord progression with some nice subtle differences.  Of the various late 20s tunes we’ve done so far, this one is Dave’s favorite of the lot.  Enjoy!

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  1. Andrew, you fulfill the concept of “the great American art of making the impossible look easy.” David is English, I guess, so I don’t know what to say about him than that he’s the perfect complement to your playing.

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