Complete Morton #48 – Sporting House Rag – LAST POST!!

Well 48 weeks later, here we are at the LAST post of the Complete Morton Project!!  It’s been a very interesting and exhausting project but we’re both very glad that we managed to complete it, and have learned a lot of great tunes in the process, and of course quite a few mediocre ones as well.  Nonetheless, after having done all this I can definitely say that Morton’s body of work is certainly among the most varied and involved of anyone of his generation, Ellington being the other obvious example, though he was a good 5 or more years younger than Morton and lived much longer, needless to say.

Anyway we thought we’d finish it off with Morton’s great showpiece the “Sporting House Rag,” which was a later reworking of the “Perfect Rag.”  I’ve added some choruses of the original Perfect Rag in as well to spice up the arrangement.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us throughout the year, it’s been really enjoyable and stay tuned next year for some far less ambitious and less frequent videos on the YouTube Channel!

Meanwhile it’s time for some well deserved time off for the holidays!  Here we are after finishing the last recording session.  PHEW!  See you next year!

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