Complete Morton #46 – Stop and Go / Mushmouth Shuffle

We’re very near the end here, only a few more weeks to go!  Today we have another from Morton’s late period big band compositions which were not recorded by him but have since been resurrected by several ensembles.  We learned this one, “Stop and Go,” courtesy of Scottish drummer Ken Matheison.  It’s not as unusual as “Ganjam” but still has many nice elements and melodies.  Not being a big band, we have left out some of the composed soli sections but it was still a very cool discovery and works well in the duo, and what an ending!

Secondly this week, one more of the random “let’s write something at the last minute in the studio” type tunes from the late 20s, “Mushmouth Shuffle.”  It has a movement down to the flat 6th which also appears in a few other Morton tunes, and other songs of the era, most famously “San.”  Otherwise, a relatively standard issue tune.

Stay tuned for the final 2 posts coming right up, hard to believe we’ve nearly finished!!

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