Complete Morton #45 – Crazy Chords / Ponchatrain

This Tuesday we have an eccentric couple of Morton tunes for you, starting with “Crazy Chords,” one of Morton’s few forays into “Modern” harmony along with“Freakish” and “Pep”.  This one features a similar descending chord progression but with the added diminished chord thrown in, rather than parallel descending 9th chords.  Unfortunately this also comes from perhaps Jelly’s most disorganized and amateur band session, so David has decided to faithfully recreate the clarinet solo of suspect quality by an unknown player…much to my great amusement during the recording session!  Here we go…

Secondly, another lovely slow blues from the same period, “Ponchartrain,” named after the gigantic lake north of New Orleans.  It’s quite simple but enjoyable, along the lines of “Deep Creek” and other Morton band blueses.  Enjoy!

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