Complete Morton #44 – London Blues / Creepy Feeling

Not to many weeks left now – but we’ve saved some great tunes for the end of the year period.  Here’s another of Morton’s multi-part blues compositions, “London Blues.”  Named after the London Cafe in Chicago, it was also recorded by King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band and others.  Like “New Orleans Blues” it is just a blues in one key, but it has multiple repeated riffs which define the composition, a form which Morton used frequently.

Secondly is another “Spanish Tinge” masterpiece, “Creepy Feeling.”  This one is similar in vibe to “The Crave” but a bit darker, with a return to the minor key theme at the end.  It reflects a lot of Morton’s very specific views about the importance of the Spanish Tinge rhythms in jazz and, once again, serves as a precursor to the incorporation of “Latin” rhythms into jazz in the 50s.  The version he played in the Library of Congress interview was particularly slow and masterful, and at about 7 minutes long, gives an interesting window into a more lengthy improvisational performance by Jelly.  I’ve taken some nice moments from his solo on that recording and incorporated them into our version.  Hope you enjoy!

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