Andrew and Will Scott – Snake Hip Dance

Snake Hip Dance (by Wilton Crawley, 1928)
Will Scott, clarinet
Andrew Oliver, piano

Here’s a casual recording of a gem from the outrageous novelty clarinet player Wilton Crawley whose range of amazing effects and gas-pipe clarinet playing represented a totally different approach from the more melodic and sweet or bluesy and raucous 20’s clarinet players.  This is a tune he recorded with a small group in 1928 and again in 1929 with a bunch of musicians from Luis Russell’s Orchestra.  It’s one of the many early jazz/ragtime tunes about a now defunct or obscure dance.

Will Scott is a great London-based clarinet and saxophone player, we play together in the Old Hat Jazz Band regularly as well as on other occasions…such as this one which we recorded at my house!

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