Operation Northwoods


Operation Northwoods is a quartet featuring Hashem Assadullahi on saxophone, Douglas Detrick on trumpet, Andrew Oliver on piano, and Dan Duval on guitar that plays jazz with a chamber music-sensitivity to timbre and group interaction. The band began in the Pacific Northwest, where Portland, Oregon’s busy jazz scene was fertile ground for this collaboration between friends. Each of the group’s members contribute compositions so that each performance is an unpredictable mix of styles, but all make inventive use of each member’s unique sound and improvisational voice. The group’s name comes from the code name of the 1962 CIA plan to provoke war with Castro’s Cuba by staging terrorist attacks on American soil. Operation Northwoods takes this name partly to ridicule a regretful part of American history, but also to invoke the rainy and green Pacific Northwest where folks worry more about their craft beers and vegan pastries than communist hysteria. Don’t fear the music, comrades!

Audio Excerpts (click to listen):

“One” by Douglas Detrick

“The Garden of Forking Paths” by Dan Duval

“Saturn Returns” by Hashem Assadullahi

“The Bureau of Fiction” by Andrew Oliver


Hashem Assadullahi, saxophones (NYC)

Douglas Detrick, trumpet (NYC)

Andrew Oliver, piano (Portland, OR)

Dan Duval, guitar (Portland, OR)

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