Andrew Oliver | Piano, Composition | London, England

I’m a pianist and composer from Portland, Oregon now living in London.  I’m active in a variety of projects here and internationally including The Kora Band, blending jazz and west African kora, Tunnel Six, a Canadian-American collective of musical storytellers, The Dime Notes, presenting a fresh take on early jazz, stomp, and swing, Rubik, a contemporary jazz trio, and the London Tango Orchestra.  You can also find me playing lots of old jazz, swing, tango, and modern jazz in London on a regular basis.  Here’s some recent video/audio and upcoming highlights:

The Kora Band – New Release “New Cities” on Whirlwind Recordings!

“New Cities” is now available from Whirlwind Recordings for purchase or download!  Here’s the official promo video and the opening track “The Contract.”  You can buy a CD or download from the Whirlwind site or download from iTunes!

Tunnel Six – “journeys::spaces::stories”
featuring audio and video from our 2015 tour and upcoming album

London Tango Orchestra – El Adios

The Dime Notes – Panama + Turtle Twist