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Complete Morton #19 – New Orleans Blues / Shake It

The Complete Morton Project is chugging along into spring here and we’ve brought out the bass saxophone again for one of Jelly’s earliest tunes, “New Orleans Blues.”  It’s another example of the way in which Morton took the blues form and created a composition with it, full of interesting and distinctive variations and a nice […]

Complete Morton #16 – Milenberg Joys / Each Day

This week’s Complete Morton Project selections with David Horniblow kick off with “Milenberg Joys,” an interesting early Morton tune, apparently partially based on another tune of his called “Golden Leaf Strut.”  This tune was listed as being composed by Morton and two members of the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, Leon Rappolo and Paul Mares…but then again […]

Complete Morton #15 – Froggie Moore / Mr Jelly Lord

Today’s selections for the Complete Morton Project (full info) are two of Morton’s absolute best compositions!  In addition to the anthemic Mr. Jelly Lord, we’re starting it off with “Froggie Moore,” a rag he wrote in his early years and dedicated to a vaudeville performer and acquaintance of Morton’s called Frog-Eye Moore.  This classic tune […]

Complete Morton #13 – Kansas City Stomp / Dead Man Blues

This week’s Morton tunes (full info on project here) feature one of his best hot stomps and a contrasting mournful bluesy tune with a slightly unusual arrangement.  “Kansas City Stomp” is one of Morton’s early tunes, which he first recorded in 1923 for Gennett but was likely written earlier, around 1919.  When he played it […]

Complete Morton #11 – That’s Like It Ought To Be / Gambling Jack

This week in the Complete Morton Project, David and I return to a great trio session that Morton recorded with Barney Bigard (Duke Ellington’s main clarinetist) and Zutty Singleton on drums (of Louis Armstrong’s bands and many others).  This session from 1929 produced 4 sides, two of which were written by Jelly.  We’ve already posted […]