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Complete Morton #29 – Pretty Lil / Primrose Stomp

This week’s Jelly Roll Morton selections are two nice stomps (both in the key of C, incidentally) from his middle band period in the late 20s.  The first is “Pretty Lil,” which evidently may have been dedicated to Lil Hardin Armstrong, Louis Armstrong’s first wife, though I now can’t seem to find any substantiating evidence […]

Complete Morton #27 – Georgia Swing / Get The Bucket

Today’s entry into the Complete Morton Project starts off with one of Morton’s 1927 band tunes, “Georgia Swing.” This was recorded right after his move from Chicago to New York and the original record features a tuba for the first time in the Red Hot Peppers discography.  It’s an interesting shift towards the more popular […]

Complete Morton #25 – Seattle Hunch / Muddy Water Blues

For this week’s Jelly Roll Morton selections, we start off with the final of his four 1929 solo tunes for you, “Seattle Hunch.”  This was an interesting recording session which yielded some unfortunately sloppy performances of four great tunes (in addition to this one, there’s “Freakish,” “Pep,” and “Frances“).  This one is perhaps the least […]

Complete Morton #23 – Sweet Anita Mine / Honky Tonk Music

Today’s Complete Morton Project tunes commence with “Sweet Anita Mine,” recorded by Jelly in 1929 and named after Anita Gonzalez, with whom Morton had a complex and tempestuous relationship.  This is the second piece we’ve done so far dedicated to Anita, the other being the wonderful Spanish Tinge tune “Mamanita” (from way back in Week […]

Complete Morton #20 – Fingerbuster / Blue Blood Blues

Well, the year is really moving along as we’ve reached week 20 of the Complete Morton Project!  To celebrate, we’re featuring Morton’s fast-paced showpiece “Fingerbuster”!  We figured it would be pretty awkward to play the melody on clarinet so we’ve busted out the bass saxophone again to accompany the somewhat silly but undeniably exciting piano […]