Stride / Swing / Ragtime

“Andrew Oliver is almost punk-rock in his attitude about Traditional Jazz and bringing back its visceral nature.” – Matt Fleeger, Director, KMHD Jazz Radio

“It’s easy to assume that Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet et al can’t speak to a younger generation, but pianist Andrew Oliver lays that notion to rest.” – Sunday Times

“Andrew Oliver is the quintessential musician’s musician” – Evan Christopher

I have been playing stride piano since I first discovered the music of Jelly Roll Morton as a teenager, and play regularly with many of London’s best vintage jazz bands.  I especially love the music of Jelly Roll Morton, Earl Hines and James P Johnson and endeavour to convey both the raucous energy and complex subtlety of the genre.  My solo repertoire includes classics by Morton, Hines, Willie “The Lion” Smith and others as well as ragtime by the likes of Scott Joplin and Joseph Lamb, and some original stride pieces as well as new arrangements of 1920’s material.

I co-lead the Dime Notes, Vitality Five, and Vitality Three and play regularly with the Old Hat Jazz Band as well as freelancing with other groups in London.  Before moving to London in 2013, I co-directed the Bridgetown Sextet in Portland, Oregon.



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