Modern Jazz

Tunnel Six

“One of [Tunnel Six’s] greatest attributes is the ability to make a sextet sound like a miniature orchestra.  Each player has their own sound, a feat in this day and age when there are literally thousands of clones out there.  All of the playing here is a breath of fresh air.” – JSO Jazzscene Magazine, June 2013

The Kora Band

“The Kora Band doesn’t really sound like any other group. This is an amazing feat, in a century supersaturated with music of every hue, and a convincing testament to the innovative sound of a jazz band successfully incorporating non-Western traditional instruments.” – All About Jazz

The Ocular Concern

“If M.C. Escher had led a band, this would be the sound of it. The group weaves in jazz, neo-classical, African dance, tango, pop, twang, blasts of crunch-rock and subtle odd-metered funk.  The Ocular Concern’s music ultimately charms with a melodic and almost innocent sense of wonder.” – Downbeat 

I have been involved in a variety of creative projects in Portland and London over the past 10 years, including the Portland Jazz Composers’ Ensemble, which I led from 2008-2013, and the Ocular Concern which released “Sister Cities” in 2013 to critical acclaim.

I am a member of the collective US-Canadian group Tunnel Six, a group of border-crossing musical storytellers weaving together music reflecting landscapes and journeys across North America.  We’re releasing our third album “journeys places stories” in 2016, recorded in 2015 during our seventh US/Canada tour.

I also direct the Kora Band, a unique group combining jazz and west African kora in a contemporary context.  We’ve recently released our third album “New Cities” on Whirlwind Recordings with an accompanying UK tour.



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