New site!

Hello all,

Welcome to my new and improved site!  I am consolidating some of my web activities all in one place.  My blog, which heretofore has been at will be moved here, which I know is annoying, but it will only happen once!  I have imported all the old posts from that site below.

You can find lots of information in the various pages here, and I will be updating this blog a few times a week, as well as periodically posting new pictures, video, and audio for listening and/or download.  Right now there are 4 brand-new studio tracks from the Kora Band, a gig from this year’s PDX Pop Now! Festival, and a new recording with the High Mountain Quartet up on the Audio page, have a listen!

I’ve updated my blogroll and links section, on the right, so be sure to check out some new friends near and far from that list.  I’ve also joined Twitter in the interim, you can find me at

Also coming up are blog posts on some of my early jazz heroes as well as some more thoughts on the pros and cons of postmodern musical genre-bending, so stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

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